Part 2 of 8: Hot Spot Quarterly Goals for Social Enterprise

Part 2 of 8: Hot Spot Quarterly Goals for Social Enterprise

Remembering that your customer is the ultimate investor and promoter!


In Part 1 of 8: Four Hot Spots of Quarterly Goals for Social Enterprise, we covered the four broad areas for short term goal setting the corresponding sub-categories. Use the link to refresh yourself if needed. 

Part 1 of 8 addressed the goal setting for Business Enterprise specific to the Product or Service. 

Part 2 of 8 covers the second part of Business Enterprise goal setting specific to The Customer.

Before we select the from the possible categories around The Customer, let us take a moment to review the...

Ten steps we will use to set up this short term goal:

Step One: Pick one of the categories above
Step Two: Write a description in no more than two sentences what you want to tackle during the next three months.
Step Three: Ask yourself if it is measurable (i.e. how will you know if you have accomplished this 3-month goal). If not, go back to Step Two.
Step Four: Decide on your Key Metric. What will you use to understand if the goal has been met? Observation? A Report? Your Team?  Be specific.
Step Five: Ask yourself if it is a small enough goal that can be done (we mean completed) during the next three months. Ask yourself how much time it will take to accomplish this goal and what resources it will require. Remember: you are setting yourself up with 8 of these at the same time. We are firmly encouraging something small so that you can build a pattern of success, not failure, for your reporting.
Step Six: Write down the benefits of accomplishing this goal to your social enterprise. What will this mean to your organization?
Step Seven: What strategy will you use to make the goal? Write this down in no more than two sentences. 
Step Eight: Decide where you will record your activity, strategy, key metrics; decide where the team can visually feel accountable.
Step Nine: Communicate this goal with your team, be in agreement.
Step Ten: Calendar a time NOW in 90 days that you will review this goal. REPEAT!

Now that we remember the process of evaluation, let's pick a category specific to the customer. Whether you name your buyer a customer, a client, or a purchaser, the game is the same. We want the customer to be happy, have a good experience, and purchase our product and service over and over again. Actually, we really want them to become an advocate!  We want them to market our products for us, don't we!

Which one of the following categories would you like to set a short term goal in for the next three months specific to your customer?

1) Improving the Customer Purchasing Experience

2) Understanding your Customer Needs

3) Improving Customer Service

4) Delivery and Distribution- Improving Customer Access

Please remember that all four areas are important as your customer is the ultimate investor and promoter. And, unfortunately, the best at producing negative commentary if not attended. 

While it is easy to select all four (because they are all important), the exercise here is to discipline yourself to select only one and perform it with excellence for three months! Three months feels like a minute when you have 7 other short term goals you are managing all while running your organization.  

Keep the goal small, doable, and measurable and watch your organization gain strength and wisdom.


Stay tuned for the next 6 pieces released weekly in to complete the series.

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