Wave – We believe we make waves of impact (more than a ripple)

Water – We believe water is alive and responsive; life giving and sustaining

Green Leaf – We believe this represents new life and renewal.

Globe - The globe in the leaf represents our heart for the people of the world. We love the faces in the places.


Tagline #1

Supporting People from Inspiring Places with Productive Ideas

This was our original tagline and quickly became our guiding principal. If our work did not support people first, then we scrapped it. This tagline is now forever embedded in our DNA at Gingras Global.


Tagline #2

Speak Truth. Demonstrate Impact. Declare Life

This second tagline came about as an additional foundation. We realized we needed to do a better job of communicating problems and solutions (truth), role modeling the solutions (demonstrate), and encouraging others (declare life).

We publish a digital magazine, a podcast, periodically write books, etc. We often speak at conferences and universities. We commit to making sure all three of these elements are present in any type of publications or public engagements.